Tom Leonard went missing in Spatsizi Plateau Provincial Park

Tom Leonard went missing in Spatsizi Plateau Provincial Park Tom Leonard failed to return from a fall hunting trip in Northwestern British Columbia at Spatsizi Plateau Provincial Wilderness Park. Tom signed in at the Eaglenest Trail Head on September 11, 2005 and continued on backpacking on his limited entry sheep hunt. When he failed to return home on October 2, 2005 RCMP conducted a search and located his truck at the base of the mountain at Eaglenest Trail. Search and rescue was called in and they conducted a search using aircraft and ground trackers but there was no trace of the missing man. Due to weather conditions the search was called off on October 8, 2005.

Since this area is so massive and rugged, the family is in need of ANY help they can get to locate their loved one.

Toms clothing was all camouflaged, including his backpack. He was packing a brown tent and quite a bit of gear. If you go into the area, please report anything that is found, and the exact area it was found, to

Old camp found in the Rams Creek area

Timeline since 2005

In June 2006, an extensive one week voluntary search was conducted by family and friends searching various areas of the park. Again poor weather hampered the search.

July 2006, an RCMP air search was conducted for a day but again failed to produce any answers.

In 2007, family searched another area on the Waterfall Trail.

In 2008, there was another voluntary search that took place in July. The area of focus was the Cartmel area.

In 2010, the family believes Tom will be found but at this point feel it will be by another hunter.

In 2013, a hunter stumbles upon an old camp while hunting the Rams Creek area.

In 2019, the same hunter sees a plea on social media from the family about Tom still being missing and relates the camp he saw in 2013 to possibly being Toms. Family was notified and they in return notified the RCMP. This information was received too late in the year so plans were made to investigate in 2020.

In 2020, the road leading to the Eaglenest Trail Head was washed out and the RCMP helicopter was unavailable to assist in the search of the reported camp.

In 2021, the road was still washed out to the trail head. The RCMP helicopter was again unavailable so BC Parks was asked to assist but due to staffing shortage they too were not available.

Tom's daughter produced a passionate video on her dads missing case. This video caught the attention of Terrace Search and Rescue who offered to help. August 2021 Terrace Search and Rescue searched the Ram Creek area for the reported camp.

In 2022, Terrace Search and Rescue received a lead which led them to search Mt. Levis in July. Items were located but unfortunately they were not Tom's.

Terrace Search and Rescue returned to Rams Creek area in September and again in October to search for the reported camp. See photo below for the searched area.

In 2023, three hunters located items in different parts of Spatsizi. A pack was discovered, a camo baseball cap and a shirt were all located. Unfortunately, all the items were ruled out as being Tom’s.

This past year brought hope back to the family that things can still be found!

In 2024, the family will continue to spread awareness about their loved one’s disappearance. If you are hunting or hiking in the Spatsizi Provincial Park, please keep a look out for any items that could help lead them to finding Tom.

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It has been eighteen years since I tucked my little girls into bed and then with trembling hands picked up the phone to report my husband as an overdue hunter.

Recently I have been asked the question "When will you stop searching for Tom?"

The heart-breaking pain of our loved one missing without a trace is extremely hard to put into words. Not knowing what happened to him is the most intense and anxiety-inducing experience we will ever have to go through. We have no closure and time doesn't make any difference in our grief journey. We find it very challenging to move on with our lives when we are still holding on to hope that we'll eventually learn what happened to him and why he went missing.

So back to the question "When will you stop searching for Tom?" My answer is, until we find answers. For the girls and my emotional wellbeing we will continue to search for answers as to why our loved one did not come home to us.

Aerial photo of Rams Creek, Spatsizi

The family is asking anyone in the area to please report anything that is found, and the exact area it was found, to

There is a reward of $2500 for any information leading to the location of Tom

For more information, please email us at:

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